Dig The new breed

Dogz or Godz: Igniting Rebellion

A multi-faceted collaboration with electrifying Afro-Punk trailblazers Dogz or Godz. Transcending norms and championing the underdog through musical rebellion, unique artwork, maverick branding and electrifying performances.
Sonic Alchemy

Channelling the spirit of The Prodigy, N.E.R.D and the raw power of Public Enemy; crafting a genre-defying sonic fusion pulsating with punk’s defiant spirit and hip-hop’s rhythmic beats.

Visual Rebellion

Merging tradition with the anarchic style of graffiti, echoing the rebellious heartbeat of 'Dogz or Godz.'

Unbridled Ascension

Inspired by mavericks like Keith Flint and Iggy Pop, with a nod to Bob Vylan, pioneering a new fusion where performance itself becomes a renegade art form.

Spreading Dogz Love

Strategic re-launch of Dogs or Godz online - fusing Generation X attitude, modern punk, hip-hop and rap. Brace for a revolutionary journey.